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Sure you can install the xTuple database on an internal server - but you can just as easily install the database on a secured public server and connect to database using the xTuple client from anywhere on the world-wide web. Meaning you can work from home, the hotel, even Starbucks.

You’ve heard about SaaS (software as a service), web-based or browser front-end systems and “cloud computing”, but what do these mean in real terms? Well, basically it means that the client is talking to the database server and the database server is just - somewhere else.

With SaaS you connect to your application on your provider’s server using a web browser and typically you share that application with other organizations - all secured and segregated, but shared just the same. With a browser front-end you have your own system, using a browser to connect to the database on your own network. In both of these cases all the “thinking” is done by the server with a browser just displaying the results.

Now the typical client-server applications share the "thinking", basically two parts working in conjunction to form a whole. And if you are on your network, accessing your system is easy. Otherwise you have to use another application (remote desktop, Citrix, etc.) to connect to a server that is running the client connected to the database - just one more level of complexity than you need.

The xTuple client seamlessly and securely connects to the database server - even one that is remotely located, making xTuple a great solution in a hosted environment.

So now that you know how easily and securely you can use xTuple remotely, why should you?
  • No hardware to worry about.
  • Your database and server are in a state of the art data center - manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by a group of dedicated network engineers.
  • Back-up. Every night all your data is cloned to another drive.
  • Redundant power, routers, independent fiber channels and bandwidth circuits
  • Un-match Apple hardware running Mac OS X Server Snow Leopard
  • Bundled scalable xTuple licenses
Would you rather run open source xTuple ERP on a Linux server?

We have you cover there too. OpenSurge can provide you with a cloud server from Rackspace - the industry leader in cloud servers. We can have you up and running in 24 hours - what a great solution for the growing company that needs the best solution to manage their business! There's a link on the sidebar that will take you to Rackspace if you want to check it out yourself.

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