xTuple ERP sales spike 74% for 3rd quarter 2012 with new customer surge

NORFOLK, VA, USA – November 8, 2012 – Fueled by a surge of new customers in manufacturing and distribution, commercial open source software vendor xTuple reported its second consecutive record quarter of sales for 2012 – and pushed ahead with its groundbreaking new Mobile Web application strategy.

Revenue was up 74% over the third quarter last year – and sales in the first three quarters of 2012 were up 59% overall from the same time period in 2011.

The company, which develops customizable business management software for growing companies from startups to Global 1000, added U.S.-heartland manufacturing customers, such as Kansas-based XLT Ovens, Texas-based Cornerstone Automation Systems and North Dakota-based Dakota Prairie Organic Flours, as well as distribution customers including multi-national brands Alliance Games (a division of Diamond Comics) and Richmond Wholesale, serving the food needs of the Pacific Rim and U.S. military.

Ryan Greve of Cornerstone Automation Systems said, “We were drawn to xTuple based on the fact that it's open source. What set xTuple apart from other systems is its modularity. You have options, so you don't have to get a million dollar system. Yet, it's uniquely setup so that, when you're ready, migration is very simple. That was a key factor for us. The usability of it for an operator — it handles a complex business as simply as possible without short-cutting it."

xTuple also entered final public beta testing of its next generation Mobile Web CRM (corporate/customer relationship management) solution, which runs on any tablet, smartphone or desktop web browser. The Mobile Web app will be completely interoperable with the existing xTuple Desktop software and available beginning with version 4.0 of xTuple ERP, due out in December.

Mobile Web beta tester Scott Zuke of Core Service Group said, “Amazingly fast! The first time I used the new interface I had to verify that data was actually being updated. It was so fast that I had missed the screen refresh. The ability to use this on my phone and tablet provides a new level of flexibility. We were about to develop a custom application that would support both iOS and Android, but now we don't have to develop either one. I can focus my resources elsewhere. The Mobile Web app is a game changing development."