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You started your business with an idea, a concept, a product or a service that you believed in — then you went out and made it happen. You called on customers, built products, performed services and worked your tail off to make your customers happy. You hired associates, built factories and invested time and sweat, worked nights and weekends — because you knew you could do it better than your competitors. And it worked.

Maybe somewhere along the way you picked up a copy of QuickBooks or Peachtree Pro. It did the job and provided financials. But now you have a bunch of customers and inventory to manage, bills of material, cost accounting and production planning, then there’s purchasing and vendor management — and these solutions just aren’t cutting it any more.

Time to consider Open Source Small Business Accounting.

open source xtuple erp
Or just as likely you’re the second or third generation and the business has been running “fine” for years. But you know that you have exceeded the capability of a patchwork system of unsupported old technology, independent database applications and spreadsheets. Sure you have dedicated folks “managing” the books and that long time irreplaceable employee back in the shop juggling orders, ordering materials and trying to figure out what to make next. You know there’s got to be a better way, but you’re not dropping a hundred grand or more with one of the big guys hoping their rigid application can be bent into a useful tool.

Resource planning software open source

can be your solution!

If this sounds like you — then we have your Solution!


Whether you are a discrete product or process manufacturer, make-to-order or repetitive, or a distributor, OpenSurge Group can help you increase your competitiveness by reducing throughput time, reducing lead times, increasing capacity, reducing costs, increasing flexibility, reducing inventory, and increasing quality, through selection and implementation of the right manufacturing or distribution strategy and ERP system for your company.  xTuple is a great

small business ERP software

fit or fully capable of managing large enterprises.

We are pros at making technology work for you.

ERP software Open source

from xTuple is a robust scalable Accounting, Inventory, MRP, Manufacturing and CRM solution that your business will never outgrow.

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If you want to run your business using Apple Mac OS X and Apple Snow Leopard Server? Then you've come to the right place. xTuple ERP is cross-platform, running equally as well on Apple, Linux and Windows - you can even run xTuple in a mixed environment. So finally an open source ERP for Apple Mac OS X

Want to cut down on your overhead? Starting a new business and want an easy solution for Accounting, Invoicing and Inventory Management? We can host xTuple ERP in the cloud. So you can manage your business and let us worry about the server. And if later you decide to bring it in-house you can do that too!

Want to get started? Use the PostBooks Installer to download a complete FREE PostBooks package that includes the xTuple client, the PostgreSQL server, and a number of pre-configured databases to help you get started.

Want to take a quick peak at xTuple without having to sign up for anything? Then check out this video describing the General Ledger. Its only about 10 minutes long (you certainly don't have to watch the whole thing) and will give you both a feel for xTuple open source accounting and ERP along with an example of the available training videos.

Better yet let us schedule an online demonstration.

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